Guatemala is a country of vibrant colors, amazing adventures, and magical discovery. As the heart of ancient Mayan civilization, Guatemala is a cornucopia of culture, ancient secrets, and mystic wonders. The geography is just as captivating: mountains and volcanoes rise on the horizon while valleys and lakes scintillate. Visiting Guatemala’s different regions will take you through a spectrum of natural wonders, ancient civilizations, colonial cities, and modern marvels.
Sample Itineraries


Guatemala City
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Guatemala’s capital city is Central America’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. It mixes ancient with modern, and stirs in some Latin pizazz. Site of the international airport, Guatemala City makes the perfect bookends of a trip.


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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Antigua is a blend of bougainvillea covered ruins, Spanish colonial architecture, floral parks, and sumptuous international cuisine. Set on a valley guarded by three volcanoes, Antigua’s cobblestone lanes are lined by museums, galleries, upscale stores, and traditional artisan markets. The scenic beauty, glorious history, and modern-day finishing touches set Antigua a cut above the rest.


Lake Atitlan
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Lake Atitlan, a shimmering blue body of crystalline water, is outlined by rolling hills, three mountainous volcanoes, and Mayan villages. Aldous Huxley famously wrote that the beauty of Atitlan surpassed Italy’s Lake Como and “really is too much of a good thing.” Bask in this surplus of pleasure, taking in views of the lakeshore and staggering surrounding peaks.


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The teensy highland city of Chichicastenango is home to the most famous, and perhaps most impressive, open-air market in the Americas. K’iche’ Mayans and Guatemalan vendors, dressed in beautiful traditional robes that identity their home villages, gather on narrow cobblestone streets to sell wares and create a cacophony of colorful sights, sounds, and smells.


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Rising from the sprawling jungles of El Peten, Tikal stands as one of the greatest Mayan archaeological sites. Estimated to have supported 100,000 people, this complex has over 3,000 structures, including temples and beautifully carved stelae. Climb atop one of the ceremonial pyramids for a magnificent view of the jungle canopy and the colorful flitting-bys of parrots and toucans.

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