Along with the desert cities of Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona is home of three of America’s most popular national parks: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. The rugged western landscape is at once arid and romantically gorgeous. Perfect for family vacations and couples’ getaways, the Arizona is filled with adventures and activities for everyone.
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Western Canyons: 8-Day Sample Itinerary
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Day 1: Montezuma Castle Cliff Dwellings

Begin your Western adventure by visiting the ancient cliff dwellings of Montezuma Castle National Monument. These five-story stone apartments were built by the Sinagua Indians into the cliff, which provides natural shade and rain shelter. Stare down into the nearby Montezuma Well, a natural limestone sinkhole that is home to five endemic species.

Days 2 & 3: Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

Journey to the Grand Staircase, where the Grand, Bryce, and Zion Canyons intersect to form colossal stone steps. Camp overnight in the heart of the Grand Canyon National Park. Wake up early for a breathtaking view of the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. Take a guided tour of the rugged East Rim and stop at Moran Point, which provides an unforgettable view of the play of light and shadow on the Canyon, and Desert View Lookout.

Day 4: Rainbow Bridge and Antelope Canyon

Navigate through the rugged canyons of the Navajo Mountain to reach Rainbow Bridge. Long held sacred by Native Americans, this great natural bridge is truly a sight to behold. Board a helicopter to get an aerial view of Rainbow Bridge and the nearby Lake Powell. Drive to the mystical Antelope Canyon, whose deep corridors and smooth edges were eroded over time to form beautiful flowing red, blue, and purple rock walls. Follow your guide to the sunbeams radiating down through openings in the canyon’s roof.

Day 5: Rafting in Glen Canyon

Continue to Glen Canyon for a rafting adventure. Watch the Grand Canyon and ancient Native America petroglyphs go by as you course down the river. Return to land and travel to Kanab, film site of innumerable western movies, for a Western Round-Up and Rodeo show over a cowboy’s BBQ meal.

Day 6: The Amphitheater of Bryce Canyon

Head to the giant natural amphitheater of Bryce Canyon. View the spectacular red, pink, white, and orange of this massive geological structure. Ride like a cowboy on a horse or mule through the Bryce Canyon trails, and follow your guide to hidden natural gems.

Day 7: The Floor of Zion Canyon

Look up from the floor of Zion Canyon (rather than down from the rim) as you walk among spectacular rock formations, sandstone cliffs, and desert landscape. Zion National Park contains four different life zones, allowing for a great diversity of plant and wildlife. See coyotes, kangaroo rats, golden eagles, 19 species of bat, and rattlesnakes, just to name a few.

Day 8: Flight Home

Board your plane for a safe flight home.

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